Why does my business need managed services?

Reduced Labor Costs: Hiring and training IT staff can be very expensive – and time consuming. Managed IT gives you immediate access to highly trained IT professionals ready to help your business leverage the right technologies for your productivity, efficiency and growth.

Reduced Downtime & Risk: Not only can a managed services provider track and begin remediation of a known event more quickly and efficiently than the business could in the past, but through the robust tools available to managed services providers, many events can be headed off at the pass. Managed services organizations are able to determine that a failure is imminent in many cases, thereby allowing remediation efforts that will actually prevent the failure from occurring in the first place, which clearly reduces downtime and risk for the client company.

Dramatically Reduced Business Risks: Malware, hacking, loss of customer data due to breaches – or natural disasters. Small business leaders are not in the business of IT. Managed IT services afford small businesses the security necessary to mitigate risks and, if a situation arises, restore operational processes and data integrity with speed, resources, skill to protect and secure data integrity.

HBD’s Current Capabilities:

  • PC & Server Install, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Network Installation & Maintenance
  • Patch Panels & Cabling
  • Wireless Access Points (WiFi)
  • Routers, Firewalls, Switches
  • Disaster Remediation
  • Personalized Consulting

Coming soon:

Off Site Data Backup

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